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Originally Posted by mg1942 View Post
Did Glen Beck had anything to do with this....?

serves him right!

Van Jones called HIMSELF a Communist!!!

Having people who believe in Communism advising the President is not a comfortable scenario for many people. Van Jones made his own statements. Nobody put those words in his mouth.

Van Jones signed the petition at - nobody did it for him.

He's a Yale Law School Graduate, for heavens's sake. He should have had the intelligence to read fully any and all disclaimers related to the signature he applied to that petition.

Van Jones created this situation by attacking Glenn Beck over some words Beck said. Beck then turned around and did the job not being done (by people with Journalism degrees who are being paid for this very work) - he did investigative journalism.

Beck brought to light exactly what kind of person Van Jones is, which just further highlights a character trait in President Obama. The President himself said that if we want to know more about him, we should look at the people with whom he surrounds himself.

Well, we have, and we don't like what we see.
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