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Originally Posted by killer3000ad View Post
Well yeah, you don't see that everyday cause NATO doesn't try to kill civilians everyday on purpose. That'd be the Talibans job, when they aren't cutting off a man's nose and ears for voting, or driving this car bomb into school kids. From time to time, they also enjoy shutting down girls schools. Does NATO do all these on a regular basis? Enough to warrant your comparisons above?

No this is what NATO and it's allies try to do in Afghanistan. 10 British soldiers died so 150 Afghans could vote in what is an increasingly fraudelent Afghan election with low turnout.

It's unfortunate that civilians got caught up in this all, but remember that the Taliban hijacked the tankers first, then gathered civilians around to take the fuel. Now they milking it for all the PR value they can, inspite of their past atrocities, a few I just mentioned above.
interesting to note that if you replace NATO with IDF and taliban with hamas you would often get different responses
despite it being practicely the same thing
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