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Talking One of the Greats...

I cant say much more than what has already been said & what will be said by everyone. Brotherhood was a stunning run of episodes and I doubt we'll be seeing a show of such quality for a long time if ever again.
Most of the credit has the go to the author of the manga Hiromu Arakawa for creating such a well thought out plot and engaging characters.
In fact, while I'm here, its worth noting that FMA deserves credit for being one of the few stories with genuinely masculine male protagonists. Men with muscles, beer guts and facial hair that were deep & interesting characters!
I'm sick of all the ambiguously gendered "men" in anime/manga...

I wanna give the anime team a hug for adapting the source material so well. Sure there were plenty of mistakes & odd decisons...
BUT really, it all paled when looking at the series as a whole;
Great Artwork
Great Animation
Great Soundtrack
Great Voicework
Great Pacing
And I also liked all the little details the sustained injuries that were never forgotten to be drawn on (such as Roy's hand carved circle )

I'm really sad the series is over, but all good stories come to an end.
I wish certain other anime would consider this
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