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Animation Quality: 8- Seemed consistent.

Voice Actors: 10- I loved the voices to the characters, they didn't sound bland or unemotional and for the most part they showed a wide array of emotions, especially the main cast.

Script: 9- I haven't read much of the manga but from what I read and have heard, it stayed pretty true to the manga.

Soundtrack: 8- music fit the series well, and the OP/ED's were good and fit the series.

Editing: 8- Again, haven't read all of the manga so I don't know everything that was changed, but it seemed to stick pretty closely to the manga, though i'm sure some things were cut-out or rushed. Its only natural.

Enjoyment: 10- I really loved this series. The original I liked but didn't seem to get into once it got into the 20's, but in Brotherhood, once I got out of the Intro episodes(about to epi 10,which even those were fast and went by quick) I couldn't wait to watch the next episode. The villians were really well-done for the most part and I particulary liked Envy>Greed>Wrath and Pride out of the Homunculi, the rest of the Homun's were kinda bleh, but I've seen alot worse villians. Kimblee I enjoyed as a villian though I wish he had more fight-scenes compared to what he got, and his death was kinda unfortunate but I liked what he did at the very end.
I also liked how even though there was such a huge cast of characters they all seemed to get time in the spotlight, and had some decent development.
Even the Xing crew grew on me, which at first I thought were just a bunch of comedy relief characters that would get pushed to the sides.
I liked Mustang's crew aswell, though towards the end they got left behind 'cept for Riza and Mustang, which is fine to me, just wish those two got 'together' officially, ah well what can I say, I like romance. I also liked Winry and Ed's little moments together and the 'equivalent exchange' part at the very end gave me a smile.
I only wish it was longer

Emotional Involvement: 9-I actually cared for the characters, not as many died as I originally thought would, but there was several close calls that had me worrying. Some parts had me feeling pretty sad, particulary Envy, and Honhenheim parts, atleast that I can think of off the top of my head.

I pretty much marathoned this series, I wanted to take my time with it so it wouldn't be over so fast, but I still found myself watching 10+episodes a day until finally I finished it today I'm only sad I didn't watch it sooner. But it was much better than I could have imagined considering the original. Was also suprised at the amount of blood, guess thats what I get for thinking it was going to be a kiddy series


Spoiler for Ending questions:

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