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Watching this was a pure joy. The characters are unforgettable across the board. The villains are so compelling that you just might want to stop rooting for the protagonists (until you recall how awesome they themselves are), and each and every character added something substantial to the show. Rarely do we see such an ensemble cast, where every character is developed and explored to this extent.

The music was marvelous, having a very broad range, and though the series was long, it never felt overused. Like the first series, there were a myriad of great openings and endings as well, which really set the tone for the episodes. I'm really glad they kept this part up, as the music from the first series is a large part of what helped it stay fresh in my mind for so long.

The animations and art style was outstanding, of course. The world, and the characters, were truly brought to life. The only negative aspect would be a lack of detail in the backgrounds at times, but it's negligible in the grand scheme of things, and didn't detract from the enjoyment one bit, in my opinion.

The plot is one of the grandest and best in the entire genre of fantasy, and indeed, in all of fiction. I can't praise it enough. The pacing felt very natural, I was never bored, nor can I remember a point where I thought things were moving too quickly for me to keep up. It's action-packed, yet filled with subtlety and symbolism, and this time, it came to an extremely satisfactory conclusion.

This show falls *just* short of the gold standard of 10, which I've only ever handed to around ten shows. It's close, though, incredibly close, and is something I would consider among my favorites, and a must-watch. It's worth every penny I intend to spend on it, and it was certainly, without a doubt, worth every second I spent watching it. Hence, I award this show an incredibly strong 9/10. A true work of art.
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