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Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
@ kakeru
It depends really, if our working process of creating male OC Pilot is
A. Highlighting that Ichika suck
B. Having our OC better than Ichika in almost everything
C. Instantly taking aways his harem member without definite reason
Then we already fail

Mind you, most of the Stuish example so far wasn't created with those intentions, it's really the process that is risky.
Heck, doing any of those is insta-fail

Just earlier today, I read some other OCs that were outright overpowered
Of course, they got instantly and mercilessly shot down

Even in my early OCing days, I never made mine insanely powerful...
...stealing the spotlight? yes But stealing the protagonists's harem? never!
Me neither - I mean, if I want my OC to be a god of the fandom I'm writing on, why don't I just go and create my own original story instead? Why bother wasting my time doing a fanfic just to tell the canon characters how weak they are?

Usually people who write fanfics just want to pay tributes to the original series they like - for me, sometimes I do parody and mock these original work, but there's no need to go overboard, ne? Still gotta show some respect for the original creator.

Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
Same here, my male OC Pilot is... well,

1. A mentor figure with limited spotlight, and his influence on Ichika is also limited to that spotlight issue.

2. He might be better than most of the cast in unrestricted aerial combat (open sky), but that's because he has years of experience and knowledge in piloting, well, anything that could do manned flight, being military test pilot and all. I.S. are new stuff for him, and almost anyone in Ichika's harem can beat him inside cramped arena.

3. Often accused being Lolicon after jokingly flirt with Ichika's harem (he's 24), he never live it down. Besides, he's shipped with Chifuyu (with a good reason too)
In the setting I created for my fanfic, I intend to stay true to the anime by keeping Ichika as the sole male IS pilot, so my male OC...

1. He's not capable of piloting the IS, though he does have extensive knowledge of how the mecha works, specifically how the IS affects the human body (that's why he's also the school doc - minus the *cough* some troubles)

2. He is probably on par with Chifuyu in terms of swordsmanship (however, it's hard to compare the two because they both use different styles - Tsubasa's a dual blade fighter while Chifuyu is single); he's definitely not as smart as Tabane, but somewhere near her level (again, a bit difficult to compare the two because they are not under the same faculty).

3. His presence often makes the harem mistaken that Ichika is more interested in mature women ('cause my OC is cross-dressing - and no, he's not a trap...he has to do it under Chifuyu's order), which means that he can be seen as part of Ichika's harem. *evil grin* Besides, he's shipped with Maya (with a good reason).
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