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Originally Posted by FredFriendly View Post
Okay, one last post about Yuuta's behavior toward Rikka at the end of the episode.

I find it amusing that so many people here insist that Rikka needs to give up her chuuni behavior, yet Yuuta, himself, reverts to his own chuuni behavior when he can't find a "normal" way to deal with his own emotions. He even goes so far as to prepare, in advance, a Dark Flame Master confession, which he actually delivers. Curious behavior for someone who has supposedly left that all behind, and then, shortly afterwards, insists that Rikka give up her chuuni-isms.

And why wasn't Yuuta upset with Rikka's mom, instead of taking it all out on Rikka? Wouldn't he be pissed at his own mom if she ran away? It's the first time he's met her, and she won't even try to give the bento to Rikka herself. Shouldn't he have tried to convince her to do so? I am so disappointed in his behavior.
You are distording the facts in a weird way: Yuuta never used his DFM mode when he can't express himself: he learned that some points flow towards Rikka better this way. Hell, the math lesson scene was a huge evidence of that: instead of preaching however math is important, he actually approach Rikka from a perspective that attract her interest, which is some chuuni parts.

Yuuta didn't entirely relinquish his chuuni exactly because he uses it as a bridge with Rikka, and felt that it wasn't so bad, as long as it keeps it in check. That doesn't mean he can't express himself at all without that. There is no such evidence of it.

And there is a major difference between Yuuta and Rikka's chuunibyou: Yuuta actually uses it very rarely and only when it is required. However, Rikka keeps her chuuni approximately...99% of the time, and to a more disruptive degree (her actions towards clubs staff who were trying to recruit people pretty much confirms she has no problem to act chuuni, both in speech AND acts with complete stranger).
So dropping the chuuni act is much more important for Rikka's case.
Although I agree in principle, there are a couple of questionables. For one, who says Touka was never affected by chuuni-ism? My theory is, like Yuuta, she abhores Rikka's chuuni behavior because she's been there, done that. Her wielding that soup ladle and those fight scenes seem to indicate, at the very least, abnormal behavior (normal people do not go around whacking their little sisters, and her friends, with a large soup ladle). Actually engaging in a fight with her little sister seems to me that she, like Yuuta, still hasn't given up all of her chuuni-ness.
That's the opposite: it demonstrates that Touka tried conventional means, and had to get along with Rikka's chuuni. Remember that she is actually considered as Rikka's -enemy- in the latter's chuuni setup, and she probably needs to keep her in touch in a way that could at least focus Rikka's attention.
Which problem of Rikka's are you talking about? Her chuuni behavior? Her reluctance to acknowledge her father's death? Her reluctance to speak with her mom? I don't really see any of these as a severe problem.
Chuunibyou isn't all fluff and fun at all past a certain degree, time and people affected by it. In society, even moreso in Japan, such behaviour being present all the time is nothing more than a nuisance: I challenge you playing DFM in a department store, going full force with delusional like speech and assaulting bystanders etc, and you will definitely get some issue with people rather shortly.
Really, to act like a oddball like Rikka is absolutely abnormal and unlikely to attract sympathy from those who don't know her, and her actual comfort zone is extremely narrow: her relatives, Yuuta and the other club members. That's it.

Her inability to acknowledge her father's death is a major issue: those who can't get over such fact are often seen falling in depression or using substitution and whatnot that will hurt them sooner or later. It also severely affects their relatives, who are sensible to that as well.
Her inability to speak with her mother stems from both issues above.

Why do people seem to think that Rikka will never be able to grow out of her chuuni behavior on her own? What's the rush?
That's because it has been 2 years she in such state, and there is no indication she is growing out of it, especially she is in high school right now. And acting like that in high school is not healthy at all, since this period is important for teenagers as they are in the grey area between childhood and adulthood. And if she can't get over it soon while Touka leaves, it will not only keep a giant rift between her and their mother, but it will definitely not go any better.
Worse: since the "priestess of the investigation bureau" will be absent for a while, are we certain that Rikka won't choose someone else as a substitute to act as her enemy? Rikka's setup is a classic "dark (anti)hero who fights darkness with dark power, often against humans from a shadowy organization", so it is unlikely for her to stick with her setup without someone taking the role Touka had.
Same with her dad. Grieving for a loved one isn't set to a schedule. To each, their own, as the saying goes. Everyone grieves in their own way, and some will grieve for a much longer time than others.
The problem is that her chuuni is the very catalyst of keeping her grief regarding her father live all the frigging time. Whereas people can be bereaving their relative for a while, you -don't- want to keep such catalyst around, ever. That would lead to a terrible opposite effect.

Really, Rikka's chuunibyou is the main enjoyment of this show, but it is time to realize that it is absolutely not healthy, and even more troublesome in a rigid society like in Japan.
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