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I surely cannot comprehend them, while you paint Yuuta, Touka etc in such way with basis that hardly make sense within the series actual setup. Reading again your posts, there is only one statement that keep going: "why the rush"?
Again the point was pretty clear from the very premise of the show: however fun chuunibyou can be, it is a behaviour that is not acceptable should it goes past private activities to a certain degree, and the Takanashi family backstory supplement how this behaviour is hardly what Rikka essentially was, and will lead to a disastrous result.

So repeating ad nauseam such points, and expecting people to understand your reasoning whereas you apply a contradicting "reality" statement (as you certainly don't get why Touka and Yuuta are that concerned by Rikka's chuuni, and still say it isn't reality) surely looks more like you claim the sky is green to me, but heh.
I certainly don't expect you to like Touka and Yuuta's methods, since it is your opinion and perspective. But to ignore the facts, setting and actual themes behind the show is actually what warrants such answers.
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