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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
I think it's more that the first Devil Survivor is a bit... unsafe to adapt because it references Christian biblical characters, like Cain and Abel.

There's also some reincarnation in the series, which isn't a Christian concept. If a devout Christian watches it and takes it seriously, they probably wouldn't be too happy about it.

Devil Survivor 2 deals with the Akashic record, fate, and astrology, which is much more "neutral" by comparison and isn't as closely tied to religion.
anime hardly concerns about christian/catolic remarks, there are plenty on animes out there with heavier concepts based around catolic faith, seikon no qwaser beign one of the most offensive ones, there is even an anime with jesus and buddha in modern japan coming soon, the only references they usually edit or censor are muslims for obvious reasons.
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