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RUSH > but isn't that the point exactly? now on this part.

as iv'e stated before, being forceful and aggressive is hardly the recommended approach against psychological conditions. (makes you think back to the days of shock therapy, barbaric times indeed...). More often than not such an approach would only lead to aggravation or additional different problems altogether. The best approach should be Constancy, Firm but not forceful, which is pretty much what Yuuta DID NOT DO this episode. YES IT WILL TAKE TIME. so on this
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That's because it has been 2 years she in such state, and there is no indication she is growing out of it, especially she is in high school right now.....
you're kidding me? they're crying to high heaven's because of that relatively short time, and so ready to pass the responsibility to yuuta? think trauma would go away just like that? man, people have been taking care of special kids for decades, even those in comas , those with severe injuries. Have they never thought of doing anything else, to try harder? have they even had a chance to try everything they can in just 2 years?? is that the extent of their care and love??
IN fact in some ways Rikka is already starting to heal due to her REGULAR interactions with Yuuta an the club members. so why the need to be SUDDEN & FORCEFUL about it? and what about being in High School? there a far worse offenders and delinquents in High School than Rikka would ever be. even in real life.

Which of course relates to 2 things. the WHY? META reasoning is of course the show is ending. And Rehab isn't exactly an exciting thing to show in anime >.<. they needed to finish this fast. IN-universe, the only change is Touka's leaving. I'm not belittling that, in fact that is a life changing decision (but this is mostly for her personal career advancement). I understand that, but then she needs to contrast that on what is good for her little sister. well i don't envy her situation. But hoping Yuuta would come up with a miracle just so that she could bypass that decision is....
of course this being ANIME, we know that is most probably what would happen. unfortunately it kinda cheapens everything. asspull for the hero, who miraculously saves the girl. curing her of chunibyou IN NO TIME AT ALL! hence my nagging irritation for the second part. hope they do it some other way though. which i feel would make the show better.

well I'm not one of those who would just condemn Yuuta (him being a kid) or Touka (as the show implies she is doing it out of concern, but in no world would I condone hitting a child with a Ladle in that way, even though it has been played for laughs) or even the mother (as much as we don't now yet the full story behind her apart from 2nd hand sources, but it is true that in a way she did abandon her kid), I understand that we shouldn't be too harsh on them especially since THIS IS A DIFFICULT situation. I understand completely, i've been on that position (and far far more than 2 years) and yet "passing the buck" isn't exactly an admirable action on their part, MORE SO THE MOTHER.

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