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Originally Posted by garbage View Post
Which of course relates to 2 things. the WHY? META reasoning is of course the show is ending. And Rehab isn't exactly an exciting thing to show in anime >.<. they needed to finish this fast. IN-universe, the only change is Touka's leaving. I'm not belittling that, in fact that is a life changing decision (but this is mostly for her personal career advancement). I understand that, but then she needs to contrast that on what is good for her little sister. well i don't envy her situation. But hoping Yuuta would come up with a miracle just so that she could bypass that decision is....
of course this being ANIME, we know that is most probably what would happen. unfortunately it kinda cheapens everything. asspull for the hero, who miraculously saves the girl. curing her of chunibyou IN NO TIME AT ALL! hence my nagging irritation for the second part. hope they do it some other way though. which i feel would make the show better.
I didn't say Rikka should be able to act like Touka within days/weeks/months here. However, she needs to tweek one thing: her chuunibyou which is actually refraining her to go forwards in life, and whereas Touka could handle her behaviour for 2 years, it is actually not possible anymore.

Touka could potentially take action much earlier considering how long it took, but she didn't, so time wasn't an issue... until now. And that's the point: yes it take time for such wounds to heal, moreso for someone who is that young and react so strongly about that. However, whereas they can fix it or not isn't the problem: the problem right now is to take care of the catalyst that enforce such grief and even affects everyone else.
So even if her behaviour isn't fully normal, if she actually can have a transition towards real behaviour (which is slowly happening due to Yuuta), that would be the best.

Yuuta managed to deal with Rikka exactly because he knows how chuunibyou works (explaining how he can "translate" Rikka and acts accordingly), even if his reasons are fairly harmless compared to Rikka's. That being said, I disagree with the fact that Rikka's family didn't do enough: they also grieved Rikka's father death, and also are in grief due to Rikka's behaviour, and unlike other severe psychological case, Rikka is "salvageable" as chuuni is "just" a tendency, not a psychogical impairing disease at all and must perform her chuuni willingly, which is the big factor here: they see their relative in good health, and conscious enough to do things in her way, yet even after talking with her, it just doesn't drive in her skull.
That's also why Touka used a "let's play along" approach and was roaming around with her ladle to get her back home when Rikka is outside: she could potentially fetch her back and use normal physical punishment like what she did during the summer vacation incident, but she didn't so she is trying to approach Rikka within the latter's setup, but that's not working, since she doesn't comprehend it.

The best solution would have been a gradual transition, a bit how Yuuta was doing so far, but right now: they don't have time.
However, please note that I don't see it as an asspull, exactly because their interactions spanned for months: it has been more than 6 months Yuuta and Rikka are together at school, so if Rikka decides to change a bit due to Yuuta, that would be natural, especially if there is an epiphany behind that.
But the main point is that: if she is left unchecked, due the the recent circumstances, it will be really ugly.

That's why this situation is in the absolute grey area: Rikka has reasonable circumstances that lead her to chuunibyou, whereas her family has the responsibility to help her, which involve an education and support that would not impair her future, and this is where her chuunibyou must be dealt with. And if it is, it will decrease her social difficulties by a certain margin (not making it absolutely flawless, but fairly less awkward than with chuuni), but it will be also a good start to get over her father's death.
But right now, her chuunbyou is actually a major problem: it isn't like Rikka won't be able to live normally, but it will isolate her socially sooner or latter (and having Yuuta and a tiny handful of people "tagging along" is not enough) and might lead to issues because of possible incidents due to her chuunbyou (disrupting public order etc). That's the very reason why chuunibyou is a derogative term, as you hardly will see Japanese people having "fun" with people like that.
Hell, I don't think non japanese people will have fun either if they see high schoolers/adults acting like kids with a setup like that, without any clear indication it is a performance or anything: they will point them as completely nuts.

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