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Originally Posted by garbage View Post
Rikka is the youngest in the family and in fact the biggest victim of that situation. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to expect the ADULTS in the family to better adjust and to be more understanding? No, they just look like rigid, unfeeling individuals unwilling to compromise or understand rikka. They act just like real life people who never understood special people, or kids they so easily term "delinquents", with shame (especially the grandparents), and they try to distance themselves or deny it's very existence. not exactly a healing environment.
Who say they didn't adjust themselves with her situation? So far, only her grandfather is displaying discontentment towards Rikka's chuuni, to which Rikka hardly even try to talk with.
Her grandmother discard it as a way for Rikka to entertain herself, so it isn't like she judge Rikka, aside of not putting the full scope of the issue.
Touka OTOH is actually her relative that adjust herself the most: so far, she never went went as far as forcing Rikka to cut it out, save 1) when she goes really out of hand (Rikka confronting her due to Chimera) 2) when things should be settled down (confrontation in front of their old house land).
Heck, she even lets Rikka moving out with all of her "treasures" despite japanese appartment are hardly anything spacious, so having so many meaningless trinkets, souvenirs etc would definitely be a bother.
Furthermore, she plays the role of the antagonist Rikka has set in her own chuuni, and still look after her (lunch and so forth). So really, while Touka has difficulty to approach Rikka due to the latter's chuuni, she basically has set all accomodations Rikka would need.

If Rikka can't have a serious talk without the use of chuuni, there is hardly any possible way to have a "better environnement".
and now you're saying rikka is the main cause of their so called "grief" if you ask me those "grief" are nothing more than discomfort, from possible/imaginied public perception than anything else on their part, not exactly a very loving view.
You are distording what I stated: it is never fun to see a relative going in such "path" than Rikka's. Past the usual social standing put to shame, it is really concerning to see a relative being out of the reality, moreso when the said person is actually doing it on purpose, unlike real mentally challenged individual.
None of Rikka's family were scolding her or made lectures that she should represent their family appropriately or whatnot. However, her behaviour is surely going to cause her several problems at some point.

Perhaps I was using the wrong word here, but Rikka's current state obviously saddens them as she is the utmost devastated family member after her father's death, but they just can't manage to knock her some sense, so it goes nowhere.
exactly!, so why risk jeopardizing this improvement? ( this is more on yuuta's actions, but of course Touka pushed him into that.)
Because the situation has changed: Touka will have to leave, and if things are not settled, it will be worse with her mother.
you would be willing to gamble on that? if this was real life? would you risk the only real connection rikka has ever had for the last few years, risk making DFM another enemy of the Wicked Eye instead of ally and a way to connect her to real life? thereby fully shutting her out and making it worse?on that mere POSSIBLE epiphany. *( but yeah i know this is anime)
There isn't such thing as gamble here: it is a measure and unlike her relatives, Yuuta is in a position that would allow him to stay by her side, even if they have a fight. It isn't like Yuuta claimed her father is six foot under permanently or whatnot, to which will probably lead to even more issue (hell, Yuuta didn't ask her a flat "stop your chuuni act"). What Yuuta was tasked is to make Rikka facing reality normally (as is, in general, not particularly her father's death even if it is a major point). Aside, Touka didn't asked him to change her right there right now with an absolute 180 change.
But the key word/phrase here you said yourself "Rikka decides to change a bit due to Yuuta" DEFINITELY! that would be very natural and in fact heavily foreshadowed and expected. The ass-pull, or rather feels like it's forced is when it's more, far more than that bit....
A single change can lead to drastic progression should a specific discussion/action occurs. It isn't like everything will gradually change: heck, Rikka herself went suddenly chuuni, it isn't like it slowly occured.
how so? strangely enough their School looks cool enough with them and their club, with even Kumin sleeping in a futon in the middle of the fair! or anywhere for that matter . Dekomori is in fact more of a celebrity than a shunned individual. They are in their 1st yr, so Yuuta has at least 2 1/2 years of this same environment to wean Rikka out of Chuunibyou. (as stated Constancy in the environment is vital to therapy)
And what do we have? So far, Kumin wasn't shown with anyone else than the club members, and she isn't chuuni, but a flat out airhead/my pace character.
Sanae is still in middle school, so her behaviour isn't far from many that would do that, and to her advantage, she has the knack of studies, so she can have people attention in another way.

And remember that while the chuuni antics are mainly set as a comedy, it is vastly less amusing if you consider the situation at hand: Rikka has absolutely -no- friends in her classroom, save the club members, to which are set this way for narrative and premise sake. Also, no one in their right mind would be able to handle indefinitely such antics, and there are obvious reasons why chuunibyou is a derogative term, as the brats with such attitude are just tiring past a certain point.
If you simply remove Yuuta and the rest of the club members in the equation, Rikka would basically be in her own little world, to which was already confirmed (no contact with people except Touka and Sanae).

So really, Rikka's chuuni antics are funny and sad at the same time, because it also reminds everyone who knows her that she keeps clinging on her father's whereabouts.
As I've said before the only change would be Touka. She COULD choose to delay, or not accept that training promotion. YES I know it's a BIG PERSONAL advancement, life decision for her. but it's her career vs rikka. So how much does she love her sister? That's why I don't envy her, her situation. So which one would she sacrifice? hard choices indeed, but that's how real life is most of the time especially if it concerns the one's we love.
PS> she could delay her training/trip enough to "introduce" the mother into the environment, with the help of yuuta of course.
Anyone trying to delay such offer would be insane: the world of cuisine is a very busy and business-like one. To let such chance to be delayed for few weeks/months can literally shut down that opportunity. The number of aspiring chefs are huge, and very few can boasts being that successful with training and so forth. It is even moreso true with Japanese people who are stuck with "Japan and the rest of the world" type of mentality and society, which means connections with overseas establishment and whatnot are extremely scarce.

This is also why Touka states she has no real reason to decline (since her relatives -can- take care of Rikka), but yet, she still cares for her sister, hence why she needs Yuuta's help to settle things before she has to leave. If she really didn't care a single bit, she wouldn't even have that talk with Yuuta, nor even take care of Rikka since the latter was with her grandparents before moving out to Touka's appartment.

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