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I recently marathoned up through this episode.

A few points on a few topics...

On Touka: I certainly don't fault Touka for choosing to pursue her culinary dreams instead of continuing to look after Rikka. Touka has been Rikka's primary caregiver for some time now, which is more than what most people do for their siblings. No, I think that Touka has been reasonably caring and concerned towards Rikka. Touka's methods are certainly questionable, but I think her heart is in the right place.

That being said... Touka has no business telling Yuuta that his approach towards Rikka is irresponsible. Yuuta has been much more effective in his approach towards Rikka than Touka has been. Yuuta has given Rikka the one thing she desperately needed: Somebody that truly understands her and accepts her. Yes, Rikka needs to become more normal of a person before she reaches adulthood, but there's no reason it can't be a slow, gradual process rather than the "cold turkey" approach that Touka seems to favor. Touka should be thanking Yuuta for all that he's done for Rikka, not chastising him for supposedly being irresponsible.

On Rikka's Family in general: The above being said, I think it's important to realize what a nightmare situation this is for Rikka's family. Rikka is amusing to us because we're only seeing her in 20-something minute intervals once a week. Her chuunibyou is amusing in such a limited time-frame. But imagine living with such a person; a person with no "off" switch, and hence is in this chuunibyou persona 24/7.

It reminds me of what I sometimes say about Yui Hirasawa, even as someone who likes Yui. Yui is amusing in small bits here and there, but I think that actually living with a person like that would eventually drive me batty. I would imagine that Rikki's family are at their absolute wit's end with her. I'm not writing this to blame Rikki for anything, but just to say that we shouldn't be too harsh on her family.

On the confession scene: I agree with some other viewers here. I liked the twist of the girl being the first one to confess. I also like how it hit just the right balance between "too awkward" and "too smooth".

On Yuuta: I hope we'll eventually learn exactly what he shouted at Rikka. Otherwise, I have to admit I see that as a bit of a copout.

I feel a bit sorry for the guy in that, really, him and Rikka deserved a nice, fun scene of performing in front of the crowds in their chuunibyou personas. I especially feel sorry for Rikka here.

On Rikka's Song: A very nice touch, but yeah, I think this is one time KyoAni should have dropped the ED and allow this moment to last a bit longer.

Overall, an excellent episode. Nice ambiance with the artwork/animation in this episode.

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