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Not getting into the argument, just wanted to say something. This is, again, purely my interpretation, but some of you have said that Dragon shut himself in because Rita was agressive and he wasn't interested in her. The way I see it, it's the opposite. He knows he's weak against her and he doesn't want to give in to her demands. Plus, the Christmas e-mail was soooo not just to express his gratitude And, like many have pointed out, Rita was too aggressive in her approach. Maybe, if she had more time to stay, she wouldn't have done that, or at least they would have worked things out eventually during her stay. Perhaps, due to the lack of time she had... They just don't know each other well enough. Dragon doesn't understand that she is completely serious about this and Rita doesn't understand that this approach will not only not help, but do damage. I'm still waiting for his apology to Rita though.

Well, there's at least 1 thing they have in common: they both tend to go to the extremes.
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