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Originally Posted by kj1980
That's the whole point. It's obvious you don't get it. Less than 1% did when they first played Onikakushi.

Now, you have to figure out what the heck is going on. More clues and hints are to be revealed in later episodes (and chapters), and you have to connect the dots. By the time it gets to Tsumihoroboshi, you'll have a larger scope of things on what Keiichi was under, why he reacted that way, and the reason why he took those actions.
Technically, that 1% (that 1 person out of 100 fan-mails) only got the truth about Onikakushi. The real, overall truth, on the other hand... *looks at Minagoroshi*...well, I can only say it was a good marketing scheme.

I will agree, though, that a lot of the fun of this series comes from following the story through the question chapters (Onikakushi, Watanagashi, Tatarigoroshi) and then putting together/forming your own theories and beliefs about the events. There's also a different sense of satisfaction that comes from reading the "answer" chapters (Meakashi, Tsumihoroboshi), where your doubts and questions from the question chapters are finally laid to rest, and at the same time, learning new revelations about these past chapters. As an example, I believe that many first-time viewers probably consider Onikakushi as nothing but a horror mystery right now. But by the time Tsumihoroboshi is over, not only will they realize what Onikakushi was all about, they'll also realize what a tragedy it has been.

That's the hook of this series, but at the same time, a weak point as well. "Things are not as they seem". Unexpected is probably what describes this series best.

Of course, none of this really matters for the first-time viewers, since this series is only beginning for them. I think the most important thing is to first enjoy the story for what it is, theories and hypotheses should only come second.

Originally Posted by Guido
My second fear is if I would had access to the game, I believe I will be making a mistake by watching the anime first. More like the game is needed first to grasp and cover a lot of terrain for the viewer to know what's in store for.
That depends on what you mean by "mistake". If you want to enjoy the anime to the fullest, I wouldn't play the games. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the games to the fullest, I wouldn't watch the anime either. Higurashi is a suspense horror story, so knowing what's coming detracts from the experience some. But don't worry, you don't "need the game" to grasp what's going on in the anime. It's true that the game is far more detailed (about the various incidents) and informative (about the situation, including the main character's (Keiichi's) thoughts), but the anime will certainly make itself understandable even for the first-timers.

If you're interested, you can try playing the game after the anime ends and see what it skipped out on. Minagoroshi-hen (the latest (7th) game chapter), which contains the real "truth", doesn't fall under the anime's coverage either, so there's another incentive.
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