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They are dead people in a freaking highschool where they are told nothing and must figure out everything by trial and error. Give them a break. I doubt you would even want to be close to a girl who held the power to hack and slash you over and over and wouldn't stop even if you shot her. Its so much easier to talk crap when you have the benefit of retrospective, not to mention a higher perspective. Yuri does a pretty good job of leading a nonsensical batch of random teens with attitudes.
Uh yes I would. Especially when I had no clue what on earth was going and it seems she might have some answers. Also she rarely if ever acts in a somewhat aggressive manner. Nobody is trying to figure out where they are and who is in charge. Given that the teachers could remove Tenshi from Student Council President means that the teachers are a higher level of authority. This isn't even retrospective but just using some basic common sense. All these guys are doing is rebelling just to rebel. It's obvious that nobody there except for maybe the teachers and Tenshi have any clue what is going and what they're doing. It also seems nobody has gone up to her and just asked her how much she knows, she might not answer or even know but it gives off the impression that they haven't tried.
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