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While i myself found many resembling of Yuri and Haruhi. Still i think we should stop talking about it here. Maybe go to character or generic discussion for that.....
Originally Posted by Forsaken_Infinity View Post
Read the novel to see why SSS keep away from Tenshi.

Actually, you don't need to. You can very easily see why normal people would stay away from her.

It is retrospective to claim that they should have had prepared a better plan, got more information etc. in the sense that you came to know that the Tenshi is human after their actions and you get to see every side of the story. You aren't the one trying to lead a random bunch of literal morons while trying to figure out everything about the world you are in by trial and error. Your statement, "she rarely, if ever, acts in an aggressive manner," is as retrospective as it can be. How the effing heck are you supposed to know her pacifist behavior unless you get to observe her like us viewers do lol. For all the SSS could care, she has had a lot of pain-inflicting battles with them, they'd be nervous just being in her field of vision.

Now, its very very easy to claim that its common sense to go ask the student council president for more information while you are away from conflict and get to see all the characters from an omniscient point of view. Try imagining yourself as a person who suddenly woke up in a random school with everyone acting as though you had always been a student there. And nobody in the school gives you any information. The teachers, the students, they are all emotionless and given that the president exudes the same lack of emotion, common sense depicts that it'd be useless to talk to her. Add the fact that she possesses supernatural abilities and nobody would want to talk to her. The fact that she has no friend serves as proof of this fact.
Agree to your points there mate.

Simply, those who do not follow Yuri and can get friendly or try to follow Tenshi's direction ended up disappearing to a God-know-where place. Then with her superior power and desire to keep up the law by force; from the SSS point of view, the only difference of Kanade and a real life cold blood dictator is moe factor, really. In fact, they even afraid that Kanade will slit their throat in their sleeps (I doubt any of us viewers would have such fears)

Everything we knows so far about Tenshi was from Yuri's operation. If gaining information through conversation worked , one of those idiot and hot blood guys have probably tried so.
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