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I just find it's effective tactic at least in 80% of my matches against Sona. Beside, I prefer Taric/Janna in my team more than Sona any day. The only good thing about Sona is even bad player can be good with her, and that's why people prefer Sona more than other support, because the chance of getting good Taric/Janna is way lower than having a decent Sona on your team.

Oh well, theory crafting won't bring us anywhere. I just gathered everything from my experience, and that's all I know. Maybe I haven't met a really good Sona, or a good team that can protect both Sona and carry at the same time. I agree that Sona is strong, but saying she is OP is kinda like saying Tristana is OP. She is just good at what she is doing, with lesser margin for error than other support champions.

Btw, my computer went down the 2 days that Leblanc was released, and guess what? Even to this day I haven't even had one match that include her, seriously. Not in my team, or the opponent. Does the hotfix affect her that much?
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