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@ Senpai - Wasn't that just on his drug addiction? They don't think he's dying at that point, just in danger of overdosing if he's not careful. The skull suit degradation is more on his body being turned more zombie like and how his physical capabilities start to strain (No blood test will help them here). All thing's considered, it's either Maya (found out on her own) or Karon (reads his mind) who finds out about it first. You think I should just have it fail on him during a mission (losing consciousness during an operation)?
Then have Maya found it out, while Karon ACTUALLY found the clue earlier but Irish told her to shut up, all the more tragic and ironic for both of them. (also a LITTLE character development involved, but at least there's one)

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
Side note - Wait, doesn't that mean he's screwing himself !O.o! Will their kid be a full fledged human or a badass abnormal?
LOL, depend on how 'special' Madoka and Ichika is, in mine, yes, their kid is Badass beyond mortals normals. At least they have proper Mother and father (genetic wise).

Also, this is how Dan and Ran's units appear (Yep, she's using Armored Stratos instead of I.S., too few of them ). But Dan has better armor and booster while Ran's has thinner armor but better shielding.

My OTP is fucked up as expected

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