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Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
@ Stratos - Chifuyu seems to dislike kids getting involved with Quota's above their age so I think it's more like she's the trying to limit his interactions, not the other way around.
Seeing how she just allocated him to a seemingly haunted office as a dormitory, I wouldn't doubt that one bit.

Also, you might want to be careful of making him take the spotlight for too long. It tends to irk readers if the canon cast was cast aside completely.
Not completely, no. Inami's will still make frequent appearances because Tsurugi's arc greatly involves him. (Personal trainings, Proioxis advent, Arete's advent, occasional Golems, PT etc.)

Then again, seeing how she's friends with the canon cast back in Athena Bouclier... Her being their schoolmate/classmate means they'll also be making appearances.

Side note - PLEASE don't tell me the man-hater's gonna fall for him It's been done so may times it's ridiculous.
She's onto Inami because of his decisiveness and selflessness which she realizes after spending a lot of time alongside him in combat.

Then again, she begins to have doubts after learning Tsurugi's true feelings for him.

Moreover, she hasn't discarded her feelings for Ichika yet. (also, why would you refer to her as a man-hater?)

We'll see how it goes.
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