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@ Senpai - Made an edit to 2nd to last post.

@ Stratos - The canon cast aren't useless. The teachers should be able to handle golem attacks since it's their jobs to do so. Having them not do anything and just making Inami fight is major derailment of verse law.

If that fails, don't forget that the 1st years and 2nd years have been shown to be smart enough to be able to take them on. They wouldn't sit back and watch either.

The feminist falling for a guy has a lot of unfortunate implications (Mainly the one where she has to fall for a guy despite trying to be independent from them to be happy) so her taking an interest in Inami or Ichika might end up backfiring. Why not just have her change her attitude without falling for either?

@ demino_hellsin - To wit: Maya, who's shown to be a clumsy ditz, was good enough to fight and beat two rep candidates, at the same time, with an inferior unit, and even when she wasn't very serious about it. This should show how good teachers are in the IS verse.
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