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Originally Posted by evil|plushie View Post
there is no appollonius, just like there's no celiane and silvia. Silvia is a subset of Celiane. Celiane can not be reincarnated unless it has its whole parts or unless her split again at which point, both are Celiane.

As for Appollonius, Apollo IS pretty much appollonius minus his wings which became aquarion. His soul wasn't split in the sense it became 2 beings. It's more like he ripped off his own power source and it became Aquarion (iirc, he already had aquarion back when he was apollonius). So unless apollo's soul split into 2 as well, there's no apollonius reincarnation
I think he means it in a sense similar to how Celiane was incarnated as two separate people: Sirius and Sylvia. One could go on to say that the aspect of Celiane's soul that went on to become Sirius (for example), could be reincarnated thus be called the reincarnation of Sirius even though he isn't the originator of the soul (but then, who's to say that Celiane isn't a fraction of some larger oversoul). So, apply this to Apollo/Apollonius: Kagura is the reincarnation, for the most part, of Apollo (and everything that made Apollo, Apollo) while Amata is the reincarnation of the Wings that represented Apollonius as the Shadow Angel. Likewise, Mikono could be a reincarnation of the fragment tied closely to the past of Sylvia, while Zessica could have come from a fragment that (for instance) was never anything but Celiane.

And this is assuming that we don't have two sets of seperate Apollo/Apollonius and Sylvia/Celianne souls between the two worlds...

Or something...

Of course, reincarnation is a loose subject. One could argue that a fragmented soul, after enough time and experience, could become two separate souls that are defined (and separated) by the diverging lives and histories of the two separate reincarnates. And, in this way, you can get around Conservation of Souls and wonder where new souls come from.
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