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there was a interesting theory i read - in the OP we see pink flowers that are like pods when izumo is looking at alicia. the same flower burts at the end of the OP when amata and kagura clash. i think amata is the real eve or its a combination of the 3 main characters - (amata some sort of relation to apollo/apollonius, mikono - some hidden power over evol, zessica - her force element which is strengthen by amata) and that the bursting flower represents life energy. perhaps that's how altair plan on making their planet come alive again.

don't know if anyone noticed but so far regarding the element powers - amata's element gets powered up with whatever element mikono has, zessica'e element gets powered by amata's, the last one should be mikono's element(if she has one) gets powered by zessica's.
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