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I'm withholding judgment on the iPad till there is more info on 3rd party support, applications (standard and upcoming), and etc. - excluding those for iPhone on the App Store. Price-wise, it's roughly equivalent to the netbooks, and between these and the Kindle, I see the iPad in the netbook class. The lack of a physical keyboard for web access and quick e-mails isn't a huge problem, but I already use my iPhone for both. Having the larger size is nice for the eye candy, but it means more of a headache for carrying/protecting it.

If you are using a netbook to modify documents, presentations and so on, the lack of a physical (and separate) keyboard can be a problem. Having keys to hit helps a touch typist work better, IMHO, despite the tiny keys on a netbook. Can the "soft" keyboard's size/height be adjusted, or are people stuck with the same size?

Cost-wise, it'll probably damage the Kindle's sales, but I see that as incidental. The iPad is priced higher than the Kindle, so for people who already have a netbook, do not want to carry the iPad or want its functionalities, buying a Kindle makes more sense. If people are considering the iPad for e-books only, that's a bit of a waste, IMHO, of money and its functions.

No comment on the name, though, but... the MTV clip a few years ago about the feminine hygiene product "Apple iPad" might be doing a comeback soon.
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