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Originally Posted by mg1942 View Post
your calling this new device a niche?

i said the same thing for iPhone... boy i was sooo wrong.

iPhone is now synonymous with smart phones.

I wouldn't bet against excellent apple marketing and its hardware/software departments... everything they've touch turned to gold. They ain't the same Apple inc of the 90s...
Some Apple projects actually don't end up being huge hits - the Apple TV comes to mind.

I'm not saying the iPad will end up being one of the "forgotten" Apple products like the Apple TV, but I kind of doubt that it's going to be as popular as the iPhone either. The iPhone had significant advantages compared to the devices most people were using and very few disadvantages. The iPad, from what I can see, has quite a few compromises.

I basically fall into the same category as Synaesthetic when it comes to the iPad. I cannot see a scenario in which I would use the iPad in which I couldn't do the task just as well with my friends Asus 1008HE netbook, which is cheaper. I can think of scenarios where I'd find the Asus' capabilities quite useful.

The way I see it, the main appeal of this device is mainly to people looking at something like the Kindle but whom want better web browsing capabilities, not netbook users. So yeah, that explains the lack of appeal to people like Synaesthetic and I right there. I also suspect it'll be more popular after a couple price cuts.

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