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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
This device is trying to be both a smartphone and a laptop, but it can't do half of what either of those can do, and having both a smartphone and a laptop gives you a lot more options than anything this gives you.
Is it? I get the impression that they are distinctly trying not to be a laptop or a PC in the traditional sense. The way everyone hyped it up as a tablet probably got us all into the wrong mindset. This isn't a netbook or a laptop, it's just.... a gadget. A gadget for reading books, websites, watching movies....basically consuming media in general. It seems like they build it pretty firmly around that idea. In a way it's a daring move to try and squeeze in a new place for a product in people's lives rather than just doing their version of something that already exists. I don't know how successful it will be, but I do think that people's mixed reactions are in large part due to the ingrained expectation we had for some kind of traditional computing device.

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