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Originally Posted by Haiprbim View Post
Everyone seems so disappointed after watching the first episode... Makes me kinda worried.
Originally Posted by Haak View Post
I'm impressed that Madhouse can take such a dire premise and script and execute it so well but ultimately the flaws of the material shine through too brightly. For example, I don't like how the story tries to portray the MC as someone who's not perverted yet is still gonna blatantly take erotic photos. Just seems a bit disingenuous. As if the story is trying so hard to say "Don't worry, you can enjoy all these perverted things without being called a pervert!".

Oh well, as long as there's enough of that-main-girl-who's-name-I can't-remember...
This is... more or less my thoughts. There was so, so much promise for this series going up until the end when they introduced that photo club schism, and then he picked the WRONG side. I give kudos though for the MC being a pretty stand-up guy, although his choice to join the Photography Club forces me to flag him as an idiot in waiting.

What primarily drew me to this series was the fact that I actually my first DSLR last month (A Canon Canan one, no less), so I was hopeful that there would be some great parallels to draw from this anime. There are, certainly some. It seems to me though, that camera culture really wont be a big part of this series beyond the monologues of the opening episodes(s).

Incidentally, kudos to the team for correctly labeling that 18-55mm lens (Yes, I actually checked...). I also dug around a bit for visual comparison and it looks like he's using a Canan XS. Well... A camera's a camera.

Edit: Incidentally again, for those who are wondering what the life of an amateur photographer is like I'll spell out my experiences (and of those around me). You get your first camera and lens (lenses, if you're fortunate as I was), realize that the 18-55mm (which you're very likely to end up using with a Canan as your first lens) is a massive pile of crap, and spend a couple hundred dollars purchasing a better lens. In my case, I got a very reduced price on a 55-250mm, which is extremely comparable to the 18-55mm in quality, but the focal length is so much more useful that I pretty much exclusively use that lens unless I'm indoors.

Also, shooting on manual he'll spend the majority of his time starting out trying to make those action shots be in focus and far less blurry (a very difficult task, I suspect, with his equipment). Fortunately he'll mostly be taking panty shots and otherwise so we wont have to worry about his skill much at all.

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