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You know what, I felt the exact same way you did when they edited that particular piece of footage. The absence of blood after the Special Beam Cannon pierced through the both of them was quite surprising. But the funny thing is, is that they technically made this scene more like the manga because there was no blood gushing out of their stomachs in the manga version. Well, there was blood (just a few droplets for that matter), but nowhere near the extent there was in the original anime version. As for Piccolo's blood, it was purple (which is the correct colour) and not pink.
You're correct in saying that the original manga never had that much blood and I admit in retrospect I overreacted but I still think that blueish spot looks horrible.
Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
Nappa is supposed to have a gold and dark blue armor outfit, not a brown and black one.
Did they later fix this when Nappa is on Earth or is it like Bulma's hair colour, wrong colour since the beginning and they've never bothered to fix it? If it's the latter I can understand why didn't fix it.
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But really, the content in this episode made me think that the series are going too fast now
Hell has frozen over: someone is complaining about Dragon ball going too fast
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