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Originally Posted by rogerpepitone View Post
I counted up the sizes (Eps 1-7 and the translated parts of Ep 8) as being around 6 megabytes. For scale, War and Peace is about 3.2 megabytes (Project Gutenburg version).
Well, War and Peace has around 580.000 words as it appears. That would make between 700 and 900.000 words for Umineko quite reasonable, though it's of course a question of how which language translates into how many words.

It's like buying a series of about 5-10 normal sized novels without knowing if they'd sell at all. Even if they just started out with releasing Rondo, it'd still be half the amount and therefore too much to take a risk. Though maybe it's a risk worth taking...who knows, people read novels on their Iphones nowadays too

Maybe they could be convinced to try out releasing the first PSP version. That would just be about 150-200.000 words, which is much more reasonable.
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