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Y'know, in his own way, Nagisa's dad has balls. He didn't back down from the fact that he was the father of a 0048 kenkyuusei, and he refused to contact her and get her to quit 00, and refused rescue, but intends to face the music, even though he knows it's going to end badly for him.

Also, I sincerely wish to kick Yuuka and Mamoru in the head for their whole can not spit it out, as well as Mamoru acting like a douche because he thinks that's the best thing for Yuuka, and being unwilling to tell her his true feelings. On the other hand Yuuka's also in the same boat... Still, at least he was willing to man up and pick up an AK-48, so that's something.

Still, I wonder how Nagisa's gonna get her voice back. I doubt it would involve all of the other girls and a promise, but you never know...
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