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Originally Posted by mochichan View Post
Isn't Mayuyu releasing her single soon tho?
This might be more extra promotion for her.

meh...I guess I grew jaded to this stuffs after Sashi....Mayuyu and Chieri is the number one winner on that popularity poll too. Obvious she's carrying the series by herself. I think by giving her a big interview, it might draw more attention because people would be more interested in a popular girl instead of some nobodies.

It's not like this is new in Moshidora live action main role was based off Minegishi Minami's image or something like that but since Maeda Atsuko is more popular and from a bigger agency with more pulls, she got the main role and Miichan got another role.
Well, that's the reality of business, at same time, Mayuyu wasn't in that movie when she herself was the inspiration of both the character that Miichan portrays and the bed-ridden Miyata Yuki as well.

Though, with the result of 4th election out, 0048 cast is surprisingly strong. At first I thought is was Mayuyu + Amina show but both Yagami Kumi and Hata Sawako has been make names themselves from in SKE as well and all four are known otaku and had openly expressed interests in having a VA career.

Beside there's speculation that the only reason Iwata Karen was given Nagisa's role to begin with was because she was the only trainee that made through the audition and least likely to have schedule conflict.

Mayuyu's single is slotted on 25th while No Name is 8/1. I gotta say though, lately she's been letting her hair down or sporting single ponytails more then usual and IMO, looks better than her trademark twin-tails of past 2-3 years.

Spoiler for Mayuyu::

Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
^I really hope they do. I'm NOT ready to say good-bye to everyone yet. DX
Same here, and I still can't get the weird schedule this show is in. I mean it started mid-season , ends next week. After that is a month of Olympics programming that traditionally destroys all other shows in non-U.S. countries. Then late August is the long awaited Tokyo Dome concert for AKB and release of 27th single, follow by the annual Janken (Rock-paper-scissors) Competition for the 29th single in late Sept.
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