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Originally Posted by Syokool View Post
Ok, I've made a research for this series, some friends will give me their tak˘bon, and I get the BDrips (or DVD?), so I have two questions:

1) Do I watch anime first?
2) Will we get a finish soon?

I didn't read DYD's Wikipedia. Some page sent me there, but another sent me to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wiki (such nice explanations btw).


Also, will there be 2nd season?

I've found this about 5min ago:
If you already reading the books, there's no need for you to watch the anime at all. In fact, after reading, you might rage at some episodes of the anime. Seriously speaking, the butchering by Zexcs is on a different level compared to other studios.

You should first read DYD followed by Dai DYD. If you have time to read the side stories then check out the DYD + Toriden reading order here:

You can read Ochiden any time you want, though for volumes after 3 or 4, preferably as you read Dai DYD, because it fleshes out certain characters that are more heavily involved there.

If you manage to get hold of the supplementaries from the BD, they will be good reads after finishing Dai DYD (or as you read along Dai DYD) since it offers good background info on the history of some entities.

As to whether there will be a second season, one can only hope.

After reading the stories, I suggest to read Kagami's profile on his blog, and you will understand why he wrote such a story.

And let me repeat, since you already can read the raws (Haruhi bless you), do not read the Wiki no matter how tempted you are or you will be massively spoiled!

And welcome to the club. Hope you join TL ranks for this series LOL (It's a million times easier to TL than Mahouka)

After reading this series, check out Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi by the same author (which I've TLed to v5), the theme is basically the same (overcoming SHIT) but the execution and setting different. After v6 of Itsuten, you will get mindgasms of astronomical proportions with every volume.

Oh yeah, guys, side note, there will be no new Denyuuden series as speculated but Daiden v12 in September instead (T_T, ^_^)

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