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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Probably because his light house is destroyed or any means to be used as communication is destroyed too when the explosion occur. Plus he is also playing dead to avoid detection from FUG. That's why Rak even said that scamming/lying turtle is planning something again and Rak is out to hunt Koon
Is his lighthouse destroyed? I haven't seen any confirmation.
But, wait... Isn't it the pocket that facilitate communication and not the lighthouse?

And how can Koon avoid detection by FUG? Hwa Ryun is right there! And even if, we have some doubt about Hwa Ryuns's loyalty to Fug shouldn't there be someone from the other faction watching Viole's old team?

And yeah. At least Rak is coming. Maybe Rak is going to join Team Koon for the moment?
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