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I really like this development for Mika. Watching her face contort, seemingly as if her brain rewired itself to adjust to her new reality, while applauding and praising Sibyl the whole time, was imo her best scene so far. Despite being negative about PP from the beginning of this season, the last couple of episodes have really turned it around for me. Learning about Sibyl's true motives made a huge difference, as well as her connection with Togane and Kamui.

About Kamui's origin, I had suspected that they used the organs of the dead children to save one, but I was surprised that instead he's actually a fully artificial human, a literal Frankenstein's monster. Learning about Togane is also one of the big highlights of the season for me. I'm wondering if he has his own motives outside of Sibyl's plans or if he just loves to watch the world burn.

It might be cliche, but I'm hoping for a showdown between Akane/Kamui vs Mika/Togane. I also want to see if Togane will succeed in painting Akane black. A black Akane sounds irresistible in it's own right. It also appears that Togane somehow assisted Kamui by sending him Aoi's ear?
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