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Where have all the good browsers gone?:

"Using an Internet browser has become such a requirement that you'd think we'd
have one that really works. Alas, we do not. I bounce back and forth between
Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows, between Firefox and Chrome on
Linux and between Safari and Chrome on my iOS devices but none are working
all that well for me. I need a reliable, stable, do-everything browser that is also
cross-platform and I just can't find one that I'm satisfied with. It's very
frustrating. To heck with the old adage, "Build a better mousetrap and the world
will beat a path to your door." What we need is a better browser. You can name
it "Mousetrap" if you want to. I just want it to work.

At this very moment there's a conversation with my Google+ homies concerning
Chrome eating up 100% CPU on Linux. It does it on Windows too, by the way. I
often have to deal with Chrome crashing on my Windows 7 PC. Often, I'll have it
crash on my iPad or iPhone. And sometimes in Linux, it just disappears without a

Firefox seems to be no better as one of the respondents in the Google+
conversation just said, "Incidentally, I'm getting a very similar result with FF and
the same number of tabs open so not sure why some people seem to have
better results with that."

Apparently I'm not the only one receiving bad mojo from browsers."

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