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Light, youth-oriented show that gets serious

OK I'm looking for shows that start out really light, maybe something in the Shounen area or even the young end of this, then at some point things get legitimately serious. It doesn't have to escape the young audience or anything, but still something on the lines of going from something lighthearted and harmless to something with huge consequences. I think TV Tropes calls this Cerebus Syndrome, though that's more for things going from comedy to drama. I've seen this happen a few times, particularly in mon-type shows and other shows based on real or imaginary games. It's certainly a convenient method, allowing you to get passionate and driven over the game only to find out it's not a game anymore. From what I've heard, sounds like Yu-Gi-Oh does this in some of its series (I never thought I'd actually talk positively about that series, my first impression was in a word terrible; I just looked at Arc-V on a whim). It also seems like Puzzle & Dragons X may be going down this path, with a bunch of villains on the way to putting their unique plans into action and evidence presented that these plans will involve some very real consequences, along with the risk of natural disasters that could cause even greater damage. Then there's Dragon Drive, which started out as an underachiever got introduced to a VR mon game that he turned out to excel in, then suddenly he and his friends are summoned to a parallel world where the mons are real and the plot rapidly escalates to the point of facing off against a god of destruction. Heck, I even remember as a child seeing a definitively child-oriented show that wound up being about preventing the mutual destruction of our universe and a universe of animal Nazis. But don't give me anything that child oriented. I'm talking early middle school or higher, maybe stretch to 6th grade but it's a stretch.

One other series that from what I've heard (haven't watched it all yet) fits really well is MAR. At the start things are relatively weak, with silly weapons and light-action villains to fight. Then things escalate further and further, with characters dying off for real and the threat of a mysterious being that may have been involved in the disappearance and possible death of the hero's dad. From what I hear, the end takes this up to eleven with one or more extremely serious deaths.
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