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Originally Posted by AnimeFangirl View Post
Now and Then, Here and There is the show for you.
I've also heard dark things about Bokurano and every other manga/anime by that author. I watched Narutaru/Shadow Star. Starts out like Pokemon and gets nasty... and then the manga after the anime ends is even worse!
Why not go through the TV Tropes page for Cerebus whatever it's called and watch them all one by one?
Uh, no. Those are shows that are serious from the get-go. I'm not talking about serious stuff that's centered on kids. There's plenty of that. Bokurano, Now and Then Here and There, Narutaru, the list goes on. But those series are darker than dark from the start, and then just get darker and darker with very little in the way of light at the end of the tunnel. Narutaru is only kiddy in its opening sequence, and the entire rest is completely different. That's not Cerebus Syndrome or anything of the sort, it's simple false advertisement.

Take a look at MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance. At first it looks like a kid's anime on around the same level as Pokémon. And a lot of the stuff that makes it look kid-friendly stays all the way through. I'd say it'd be fine to let a first-year middle-school student watch in spite of the dark side. But even though the dark side isn't inappropriate enough to increase the rating, it is most certainly heavy. At first the villains that attack are minor weaklings along the lines of Team Rocket or thereabouts. Then gradually the situation the world's in becomes clearer and the battles become more serious. One battle has an admired hero pick up his opponent and drop him into a pool of lava while ignoring his pleas for mercy, and another has a sweet, cheeky girl calmly order her pet monster to eat a man. This from a show that, again, started out hardly more serious than Pokémon.

Also, I've looked through the TV Tropes page. There's a lot that's not there. As I mentioned, MAR is a great example but it's not listed. Most of the examples I gave aren't listed. I don't know whether they're not considered actual examples of the trope in question or they've just never been added. But I can't find these on Cerebus or "Darker and Edgier". Only one I mentioned is Yu-Gi-Oh.

Here's what they have on TV Tropes: Psycho Pass; From the New World; Evangelion... who the heck thought this crap was ever light-hearted and comedic?
i think you get the picture. If it's not something where I think you'd have to be crazy to think it was light, it's something that's certainly not young-youth-oriented. The only exceptions are stuff like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Fairy Tail; that is, stuff that most people have seen, or stuff that's so long it's ridiculous.

Stuff on there that does fit includes Dog Days (S1) and possibly Magical Project S. Of all these, the only one i haven't seen is One Piece and I'm not about to go digging into a series THAT long.

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