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Narutaru is way too dark and it goes dark way too fast. One ep of "oh, sweet girl going on adventure" and then it's down the rabbit-hole we go. Again, it's not just how quickly it drops but just how far it goes. Let me put it this way: if it involves any girl raping another girl with a test tube, then later getting a huge, razor-sharp claw shoved up her vagina and pushed further and further until she's been cut in half, it's just a LIIIIIITTLE too dark. Same goes if a girl gets unwittingly turned into a pedo porn star and then kills the guy who did this to her as well as the guys who paid him extra money for a chance at the real thing. I have a lot of respect for that author really; some of the characters' stories are designed to really show the best of humanity, even as others' are designed to show the worst. But seriously no matter how much respect I have for the hope he tries to ultimately portray in his work, I still can't take THAT level of despair.

Kaminomi most certainly fits. Initially you have a really simple story that, despite the threat to his life and the danger of possession, remains very light-hearted and cute. Then the challenges get bigger, and the threats more serious, and ultimately you wind up dealing with some relatively heavy content such as large-scale conspiracies, plots to transform the entire planet earth into a giant torture chamber, and more.

Love Madoka Magica as well. But I don't know how "light-hearted" one can call it when the very first challenge gave me nightmares. Those moustached dandelions and the world surrounding them were just creepy. That said, while it was real dark from start to finish, it sealed a place as a good watch for me when I saw the end (TV only, haven't watched beyond).

Now, I don't mind things that are in some senses dark, depending on the nature of the darkness and how quickly it comes. If we get a few minutes or a couple episodes before we're surrounded with sexual violation and death and destruction and utter madness, then it's too much and too soon. If we get a longer, more involved story that gets you well invested in the fun story before it stops being all fun and games, and there's nothing too sexual (and I'm rather lax on this: as long as we don't have stuff like guys who deliberately impregnate girls who barely started menstruating and bullies who shove test tubes into their victims over a good grade before going home to "play" with their brother, I'm good).

One other example is Digimon Tamers. Like Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon is a series I never thought I'd watch but I wound up taking an interest in that one. It does certainly have some serious threat from the outset, but not all that big at first, and we get plenty of time to get comfortable. Then things get serious, with monster characters legitimately dying, an enemy trying to assimilate/destroy everything in both the digital and real world, and a sweet little love interest captured and tortured, forcefully subjected nonstop to terrifying renditions of her most painful memories over and over again.
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