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Originally Posted by UltimateClash View Post

Power & Beauty.
Originally Posted by UltimateClash View Post
And that's an abbreviated list.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes the Turn A. Everyone I talk to don't give it a second glance after seeing the moustache...
I also had no idea it was able to do all of that. It's more powerful than 50 Freedoms with 50 Kira's... give or take a few. Maybe that's why I like it. I haven't gotten halfway through the series yet, but that all just makes it seem like the ultimate mobile suit. It just seems to transcend all the others.

Oh, and on the list, you forgot to mention that the silo's are conveniently cow-sized for livestock transport, and that the hands make a very functional washing machine. Oh, and it also makes french fries!

As for my other favorite designs...

1. Zeta Gundam (Just awesome as hell)
2. First Gundam (No school like the old school!)
3. Gouf Custom (Who's really going to argue this one?)
4. Wing Zero, TV version (Once again, no real argument on it's awesomeness.)
5. Gundam F-91 (Really sleek and cool)
6. Gundam Alex (The arms have gatling guns! What more do you need?!)
7. Gundam GP01 (Just another awesome design)
8. Gundam Exia (Because I honestly haven't seen anything like it before)
9. Destiny Gundam (Monstrously powerful, kinda reminds me of F-91...)
10. Zaku II (So timeless, so incredibly weak... :P)

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