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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
What I really don't understand is why is it so important whom she loves "more" (as if the situation was as simple!). It's like a weird ship war.

Obviously, she and Saki are much more than just friends with benefits. Obviously, she and Mamoru are not a forced relationship that Maria feels uncomfortable or unsatisfied with but a deep and close one. And Maria made the choice to give up everything she has, including her relationship with Saki, to stay with Mamoru to keep him safe and alive. At this point, at this display of love and care, I'd say it's totally irrelevant to argue about whom she loves "more" or "better." Romantic love is not all love that there is nor is it any "better" than non-romantic love.

(Not to mention, there's more to it than just "oh, I love him more" or "oh, I love her more but he needs me grumble grumble"... And given some developments that I think everyone knows already, I think it's pretty much a moot point anyway.)

Couldn't have said it better. And this isn't exactly a show for shipping couples anyway.
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