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You know, I wrote this a while back... when I was upset that AruSherri fans kept irritating me (no one here on the board but on YT) about my AruRan videos (when did we no longer become a free country?) and decided to pull a bunch of shit which got me copyrighted by YouTube. Someone wrote a small amount of information, and I think it was "Westlo" in response to BleachOD about his words towards the SnT movie (and I agree with a lot of irritations towards it too). Westlo actually bashed Ranka's character and I felt like replying.

Keep in mind that this is a bit old but some of it still holds context. And, also, I was mad at the time, so if it seems like I'm bashing AruSherri, don't take offense.

Spoiler for TV series vs. movies:

And, if you really thing about it, Macross Frontier has a lot of iconic scenes that lead me to believe that the TV series was meant to mirror SDF-1 and DYRL's ending with Hikaru/Misa by putting Alto/Ranka in due to the fact that most AruRan scenes were similar to that of Hikaru/Misa from SDF-1. In the movies, Kawamori breaks the cycle of the dynamic trio from SDF-1 by having a Hikaru/Minmei ending with Alto/Sheryl, thus ending ending his obsession with Minmei. But that's only if you look at the fact that Alto and Sheryl get 90% more Hikaru/Misa scenes in the movies than they ever did in the series.
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