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Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
You totally don't get my meaning at all.
What did I say about your opinion differing from everyone else? Now that its evident for the trillionth time, stop PMing me with your TLDRs. Not exactly a smart way to show your affection for me.

We get you perfectly, but you don't get us. Not the other way around.

You kept on pushing a ticket base on limited information and hearsay, then you expect us to buy your argument without reservations. Thats just scenario I.

Scenario II is where you taken snippets of information while ignoring rest of the evidence, which you have aptly demonstrated. It also doesn't help when you are repeating both scenarios with alarming frequency.

No my little lady, it doesn't work out that way.

Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
Not only that, but honestly, could you really see Sheryl continuing to sing till she's 90... I mean, would you honestly want her to do that? That'd be asking too much of someone that old
Would you like to run if you were crippled? Would you like to see if you were blind? Probably.

But can you? No.

That hard to comprehend?

And Sheryl sang despite meeting the face of death.

Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
I don't see where you get canon because Kawamori has approved neither series nor movies canon as of yet.
Official materials state or hint otherwise.

- Tak

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