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Originally Posted by Darthtabby View Post
Sheryl's decision to invite Alto to Gallia IV in Episode 11 had nothing to do with jealousy. She probably wasn't even thinking about Ranka's birthday present when she came up with the idea, seeing as how she came up with it rather spontaneously while still angry about the argument she'd had with Grace about whether she was well enough to go or not. Basically she realised she had a chance to offer Alto a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream and got really excited about that fact. Notice how much excitement creeps into her voice when she actually asks Alto to accompany her.

As for episode twelve, her anger likely had a lot to do with her feeling like she failed to do something she was supposed to do (and felt she should have been able to do it). Notice she seems pretty accepting of Ranka flying off with Alto when she's on the balcony later on.

Sheryl may be a bit jealous of Ranka at times but let's not overplay it.
Sorry, I mistyped the episode I was meaning towards. It's Ep.12 that I meant. When they'd already landed on Galia 4. Sorry about the typo.

I have doubts that it's about her feeling angry at "failing to do something" or being "accepting" of Ranka flying off with Alto. Two scenes overlap in two different times:
In Ep.12, Ranka appears singing Seikan Hikou and thus saves them from the rebel Zentradi. Grace comments on Ranka's strength and willpower, something Sheryl showed in Ep.11 and the beginning of Ep.12 but eventually stopped altogether. Sheryl's face is shown in agony because Ranka arrived and saved Alto on her own.
In Ep.15, a similar scene plays out. Sheryl is recovering from her illness and Grace is taking a blood sample. Sheryl sees a magazine cover of Ranka's fame and she gives that agonized face once more when Grace comments about Ranka's willpower again. At this point, it is safe to say that Sheryl feels overshadowed by Ranka, thus giving way to envy/jealousy.
And, actually, when you look back at that scene you call "accepting," it's more like Sheryl came to terms with her own failure to achieve what she set out to do for him rather than the concert she failed to perform (which is another reason why I say Sheryl might not perform music forever).
Ep.15 picks up where we actually left off with Ep.12's face of envy towards Ranka's fame and endurance and anger towards her "sudden" illness that has no explanation as of yet (not till Ep.18).

But, since you mentioned Ep.11, one thing always irritated me about Sheryl's nature and attitude in Ep.11 through 12: she never told anyone she was feeling sickly.
Granted, Grace was aware, but as her manager, that should be something she puts first. Early on in Ep.11, Ranka became concerned as well about Sheryl's illness but trusted her words enough because Ranka didn't really know Sheryl as well as Grace. But the fact remains that Sheryl had plenty of time before they landed to warn anyone that she wouldn't be able to perform right away, yet she failed to do so.
So when you look back at that, when they arrived on Galia 4, Sheryl is the one who put them all in a tight spot, even Alto. Whereas, bias to one's belief, Ranka had to get Alto out of that hole, thus is part of why she encouraged Luca (who had the fold pack) and Michael (her designated driver) to take her to Galia 4. Concern for Alto and Sheryl led her to that point. Once there, Ranka earned the rights to fly with Alto in the sky, as she pulled them both out of the hole Sheryl put them in. And, thus, Sheryl comes to terms with the reality Ranka earned her gift to Alto (after all, Alto never got Ranka's gift).
Now just imagine had Sheryl stated her illness BEFORE they arrived: perhaps a strategy could've been made. But no, let's ignore it... it'll go away in the 5 minute landing time.

In Ep.15, Sheryl wasn't aware that Grace had betrayed her at all. Actually, they acted the same as usual. But later, in the lobby together, it was obvious by Sheryl's face towards Alto and Ranka's communication as well as Ranka's performance on the screen that Sheryl was rather envious of Ranka's attachment to Alto and her fame. It doesn't have to turn to rivalry, but one can feel overshadowed or forgotten, and it happens to all of us at one point in life. In this case, it happened to Sheryl, who felt like a third wheel to Alto and Ranka's connection, which she didn't want to be (as she was falling in love with Alto and was friends with Ranka), so she decided to be noticed by singing where Ranka left off in What 'bout my Star?
But, I will say, if Sheryl really wants to be recognized by Alto in a romantic way, she has to drop the "seductive" acts because Alto seems really uncomfortable with it even into this late in the series.

In Ep.15, Sheryl is aware that she's sick but doesn't know the illness. Give the fact that Grace hasn't told her a thing (zip) about her illness or possibility of cure or getting well soon. So she's left to think about the hardest part of the dynamic: "what if I die?" And, that being on the mind deeply before it settles in upon Ep.18, Sheryl has to truly contemplate what she can do for Alto and Ranka.
But, if it's any constellation (though both girls are unaware of this), in Ep.21, when Alto speaks fondly of his mother, it became clear to viewers that he would think twice before entering a relationship with someone who would die, thus adding salt to the wound that never fully closed.
Back to Ep.15, Sheryl still had confidence in herself and slight belief that her illness was just a flu bug; and so she performed. But this confidence was crushed by Ep.18's blow and Ep.19 where Yasaburou told Sheryl of Alto's mother. That ended her hopes for ever owning his heart if he knew of her illness. That didn't mean she was selfish, for her unexcited face on the school roof in Ep.20 showed that she was pushing Ranka onto Alto.
"It's a great concert."
"I've already decided, I won't sing anymore. Sheryl Nome is no more."
Her context already gave way to the fact she was pushing Alto to Ranka little by little by closing off her heart to him. But Sheryl allowed pity to come onto herself when Alto decided to encourage her and later stay with her in Ep.22. The one thing Sheryl didn't want, she got... just how is love built off that?

That aside, I once again hold the argument that Sheryl didn't know of Grace's betrayal till sometime in Ep.16 through 18. I don't think she knew as early as Ep.15 because it didn't seem apparent so.
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