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Originally Posted by Goty View Post
Anyway, pretty sure something Seiya-related will go down. Maybe we'll finally learn what exactly happened to him? If he's gone, the cloth should be there..
I don't think the Cloth would be there, even if Seiya is gone. From the looks of it, Mars wanted to assemble the entirety of the 12 Gold Saints, and if he had access to the Saggitarius Gold Cloth, he definitely would've gotten someone to replace Seiya.

I highly doubt Toei would pull a low blow such as randomly revealing that Seiya got replaced as the Saggitarius Gold Saint after he vanished.

Originally Posted by Key Board View Post
I was going to say they are Phobos and Deimos

but Mars only has two moons, and there are four of them..
Well, they were probably made for the original Bronze Saints to have a credible fight of their own once they recover from the cosmo AIDs.

Probably something like

'Seiya/Kouga vs Mars'
'Shiryuu/Ryuho vs High Martian I'
'Hyoga/Pavlin/Yuna vs High Martian II'

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