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So the franchise hasn't forgotten that it's a comedy, thank nonexistent gods. The fourth wall breaking is amusing (shades of season one).

The indoor waterfalls are a nice touch.

My only complaint concerns Ruka's mock(/would-be)-profound interludes. There's only one in this episode, but I'm already sick of the schtick (the Dali reference fell flat).

What's with the apple motif?

Let's see how next episode's pandering will work out.

And sheesh, just do a DNA test!
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I have no idea who this Athena is that everyone keeps going on about (and am in no hurry to find out), and found the second season's focus on Hina and romance over the comedy to kind of take it down a notch in my eyes. It was executed well, just not what I watch the show for. So far, this year is containing a much better mix of elements that I like, though the first season will probably always stand at the top. (Though Hayate's words at the end of this episode are making me brace for next week.)

Clock motifs (and Ruka's strange monologues), comedy and references, and the supporting cast are all present here, along with that sense of mystery and theatricality that the series is going for. The fourth wall's being broken to a regular degree again and, while the supporting cast isn't quite as prominent as they used to be (though Ayumu's guitar solo was amusing), they're still there. Even Klaus and Tama got cameos! The opening seems to hint this season will have a very Hayate/Nagi heavy throughline, some sort of theme they're working towards. I am genuinely curious what Ruri's up to, and the clock motifs are making me think some sort of time travel might be involved.

It could happen!
+1, and well said. I assume the clock motif has something to do with Ruri's past as well as the flash forward nature of the season.

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