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Originally Posted by Zeross View Post
wait, can you know about ruka but not athena ?

ep2 did it very well for me. the 4th wall need to go down every so often, and the "WTH is going on ?" feeling is the most enjoyable for me in hayate.

so i know this is not suposedly part of the manga timeline, but are every tenant there ? will we see ruka pop up after her work, hina and child athena, and the priest ? i realy hope so !
Well if you watched the movie and then read about her in some wiki or in YouTube comments, you can actually know her without knowing A-tan .

For the tenants: Well here we have a bit a problem, as this series is set in September in the timeline (I know it's original) while the manga itself is in July if I'm not taken wrong. So actually anything could have happened, but one thing is for certain:

Even if A-tan shows up (what I highly doubt) she can't be in chibi-form anymore as she already will probably get her old form back in the ending of July/beginning of August...

For the ep itself: Well that was Hayate how I love it...breaking of the 4th wall and quite good comedy ^^ so no real complains from me

Ah and Hina probably will show up next week as Hayate in the Epilogue (dunno how to call it XD) stated that a character will show up next week that everyone awaits (judging from the Hina-hype all over the offical charactor polls that will be Hina )
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