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Originally Posted by quina View Post
Well.. not that I dont like Rosui, but I can see why he fail and many people hate him.

- Force people to live on the surface eventhough they refuse to, he uses his army to capture those people out - FAIL

- Blame everything on Simon when things turn bad. Put him in prison and try to execute him. "This is politic" - FAIL

- Destroy all Gunmen because they are old and useless thinking that Graphal is superior in every way - FAIL

- Put people into a gigantic ship trying to run away like a dog. Unknowing that Anti-Spiral is on the space - FAIL

- Choose the abandon most people on earth which includes Yoko's students. - FAIL

- Dodge Kittan's punch. - FAIL

- Always give up when things turn bad. Instead of keeping his calm face and try to solve things (like Leeron), he gave up - FAIL

At least he bring Spiral King back!~ The best thing he did EVER!


Best list EVAR!
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