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He's worried about the high price and lack of a dub. Frankly, in the past year or so I've grown to acknolwedge dubs are overrated and people only watch them for nostalgic reasons, but price is always a salient problem and Bandai Visual just charges too much for their stuff.
i don't care about a dub...rarely does a series have a dub that i can tolerate. what pisses me off is stretching a six episode series onto 3 discs and then charging a ridiculous higher than normal price for each disc. (i'm looking at you diebuster and flcl) especially when things like the godannar thinpack set proves that you can fit 6 episodes, with dual language, subtitles and everything else, on one freaking disc! BLARGH! WANA10 SMASH!... (sorry 'bout that, too much world war hulk lately)

anywho, back on topic, if i knew that all i had to do to give my car an awesome black and red paint job was jam a drill in it...there would be punctures all through the roof
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