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I'm beggining to get the same impression here as the first time I watched Air TV. It feels like there are a lot of stories and events being chopped out, not really giving much time for the users to bond with the characters. It just seems like there are so many stories now (Fire, Grandma, Watch, Knife, Twins, Asami and Nanaka, Hinako, and Sana's mom) that it is going to be hard to resolve it in four episodes. It feels like it's also developed a little too fast.

I just enjoy the Hinako-Nanaka parrellels. Both try to act like adults, and have hidden their inner child for it. I noticed this with that anime squad thing.

Oh, and Da Capo reference in the preview! Yay!

Now, onto this episode. This was another enjoyable episode. It reminded me a bit of episode 5 of School Days in that it seemed to be one of the filler episodes (Amusement park, water park, beach, etc,) but it actually was a very crucial episode. (And NO! This will not end like School Days, and it really has zero parrellels to it, save that it is a harem.)

I'd give it about an 8 or so.
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