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What kind of HDD? SSD are the next step and last time I checked a 32gb SSD disk was $500+. The mechanical behemoths we use now are at the end of their lifespan. I've been waiting close to a year for a 2tb drive but it's looking more and more that 1tb will be the max capacity for a while yet. Prices have stagnated for HDD as a result. If there's no downward pressre from higher capacity drives there's no movement in price. I'm well aware of RAID options but it's not feasible to run RAID1 or variants in every situation. (Raid0 = bullshit waste of time IMO)

By that reasoning DVD is a better buy than hdd at around $35 (100 Taiyo Yuden master grade DVD's not your cheap shit media either) for close to 500gb over HDD's as the best value drives the 500gb average around $100. The pricing is on par with the first recordable CD media and DVD media, $20-$30 was the initial price for individual disks and almost no CD/DVD player could read them. THe burners at around $500 is probably cheaper than what I paid for my first CD burner in 1996/97 at $400 factoring in inflation.
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